About us

The Celery team are online ordering specialists and give our customers (Restaurants, takeaways, deliveries, cafes etc.) a way to receive orders directly from their own customers (the ‘eaters’ as I like to call them) through a beautiful multi-page website generated from templates optimised by Celery, and all branded in the Customer's own brand.

This means that our customers can have their own world­‐class online ordering system in their own brand in a matter of days. They can concentrate on what they do best, making amazing food, and we concentrate on building great products for takeaways and helping our customers to get lots of online orders.

Celery customers get top class support every step of the way, from setting up their online website to getting assistance and advice from our expert staff about social media, Adwords, in­‐store marketing and more.

The founders of Celery have their roots in the creation of KrakenAds™ - an award-winning, online advertising tool in Ireland that’s now baked into the Customer’s own Celery platform. KrakenAds™ anyone can become an advertising expert overnight for some seriously impressive Return on Ad Spend - Guaranteed!

We have a great team of friendly, energetic, experienced people who come to work every day looking forward to helping our customers to be successful.



Tyron Baron 


Mark Mallia

CO - Business Development

Jean Paul Barthet

Business Development

Chris Micallef

Sales & Marketing Engineer

Lisa Thalgott


Matthew Galea


Bec Mulvaney


Felipe Mancini