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You want to build the best tech in the world,
to challenge and be challenged, to have endless opportunities to grow, to impact the industry.

So do we.

  • Office Manager

    Organisational skills for more day-to-day smoothness than a Celery Smoothie

  • Sr. Web Dev

    Tech lead with significant experience in web technologies & JavaScript applications development, together with a solid understanding of design patterns and impressive problem-solving skills. Eye for design is a must.

  • Jr. Web Dev

    Ambitious web developers with some experience in web technologies. Knowledge of Node.js, ReactNative or Mongo is an asset

  • Content Writer

    Yarn spinning skills - a must.



In 2018 we started to give Restaurants & Hotels the power to own their brand and online presence. Today Celery is becoming a leader in the Restaurant & Hospitality space. 

We strive for the best alongside the brightest.

A young and multi-cultural Company, we expect the very best from our employees, team players who live up to our client's high expectations. With a culture of autonomy, innovation and pride in our product, we foster a genuine love for technology and improving today's systems with tomorrow's solutions.


We are always looking for eager individuals who want to take that one step further with us. 


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