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'Change to Grow' with Celery

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Growth, sustainability, & profitability? None of these concepts have been on the minds of most business owners as the hospitality sector focused on surviving during the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenging times have seen technological solutions emerge at an exceedingly fast pace, leaving even businesses that work within the tech space gasping for air.

Yet, disruptions to the hospitality sector do have some silver linings. Operators (restauranteurs & hoteliers) have had the chance to reinvent their business and technophobes in this sector are beginning to embrace tech solutions through regeneration schemes that act as safety nets in case their business fails. In short, operators are being pushed to change whether they like it or not. Consumers are accelerating this shift to the online world as they pick and choose businesses that offer an easy-to-use, on-demand, and online system.

There is literally no better time to invest in yourself and upgrade your restaurant or hotel business.

"Change to Grow" - A Malta Government Scheme

Malta Enterprise has just launched a brand new scheme focused on getting restaurants and hotels back on their feet in the digital age.

The grant scheme:

  1. Incentivises the procurement of software solutions to digitise a restaurant or hotel.

  2. Grants up to €10,000 of eligible costs incurred, at 75% aid intensity, through ‘Advisory’ and ‘Implementation’ phases.

  3. Targets micro to medium-sized businesses.


Celery offers a complete, white-labelled software system for hospitality operators who are looking to

  1. Take Online and On-premise #orders directly without relying on expensive aggregators;

  2. Start offering food #delivery and access driver resources on-demand, during peak hours, without employing more drivers;

  3. Own a #BrandedMobileApp with access to free, unlimited #pushNotifications;

  4. Gain direct relationships with customers through #loyaltySchemes;

  5. Manage your business #remotely and have full control of any number of outlets;

  6. Integrate #ePOS, online ordering, aggregator orders, food delivery, #tableBooking, automated marketing and reporting features into #one streamlined system.

Celery is a software solution that is eligible for the Change to Grow Scheme. With this support and Celery, your business will be set up and ready for better performance and sustainable growth at zero risk to your investment. #noBrainer


During the last 18 months, #Celery clients have increased their revenue and retained customer loyalty while other businesses struggled to remain open. Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Food Restaurants, Bars, Takeaways, Chains and Franchises, Dark Kitchens, Meal Kits, Drive Thru’s, Grocery Businesses, and Hotels all stand to benefit from Celery.

From on-demand delivery and on-premise online ordering to deals and loyalty schemes, your customers will also benefit from a better guest experience.

We want the hospitality sector to recover from the economic situation and our product is targeted at allowing businesses to do so while also excelling at providing excellent guest experiences.


We will help you with the process from A to Z.

From the back-end...

Get in touch with us at connect@celeryhq.eu to see how to embrace digital practices, and join the growing number of businesses scaling their business with #Celery.


...to the business end.

TC Consult & Associates are a specialised consultant firm for business management in the hospitality and tourism sector and are our recommended Advisors for the Change to Grow Scheme.


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