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New to Celery - Social sign-up!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Social sign-ups are coming to Celery and here’s how it will improve your game!

Why use social sign-ups for your website/native app?


Faster and easier

Instead of having to fill in a cumbersome and endless list of personal details, new customers can opt to sign-up through their favourite social media. By doing so, they will save time and energy, that they will then spend on your website/app.

By offering your potential customers a faster and seamless way to register, thus allowing them to complete their sign-up with two clicks at most (one if they are already logged in to the social media of their choice), the chance of conversion is highly increased thanks to the simplicity of the sign-up process and the percentages of ghost customers almost always completely diminished.

Long lost passwords…

Possibly worse than having to fill in those aforementioned cumbersome forms is having to recover a forgotten password, and again, wasting valuable time that they could be spending on your website/app. Sometimes this crave for instant convenience is enough to send users elsewhere.

It’s difficult to remember a password especially if they use a different one for every site they sign-up on, therefore, using social sign-ups decreases the chances of failed log-ins and the password recovery process which can discourage the customers from going through with the order.

Hidden power

When new customers sign-up through social media, this information can influence how they’re re-targeted for ads, as well as receive emails and push notifications, which will lead them to re-engage and turn into loyal customers.

Social sign-ups are a very powerful marketing tool; you can track the demographic of your customers, as well as their friends' and their interests in order to optimise your ads and profit. Celery is specially built for restaurants and with this specialist marketing knowledge in mind, our integrated systems are perfect for marketing purposes. When a customer registers using social sign-ups, their data (in accordance with the current GDPR laws) is used to build profiles of different audiences and how they interact with your business so that you can re-target them as well as to create a lookalike audience to be able to swoop in customers who have the same interests and, therefore, who are also likely to spend money at your restaurant.

On top of that, Celery automates the creation of the predefined target audiences integrating with KrakenAds - an Ad optimisation tool that combines powerful data science, A.I. and human expertise, tailored for hospitality, to ease owners from having to curate the ads themselves, not only saving valuable resources but also reaching more potential customers, thanks to the expertise of the team behind KrakenAds.

Why should you be looking forward?

Celery is happy to announce the launch of the newly integrated social sign-ups later this month, allowing our clients to grow and increase their customer base and profit.

Thanks to the social sign-ups coming to Celery, your customers will now be able to create an account using their favourite social media, foregoing the previous lengthy process of filling in all of their personal details, ensuring a higher rate of conversion for your restaurant, resulting in a greater customer database. By growing your customer database, you will be able to promote your restaurant on their social media and through emails, increasing your orders and retaining loyal customers.


What's the take-away? Celery is all about you!

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