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You'll finally have a one-stop-shop 
with the kind of support, you always wanted. Full money-back guarantee.

You have a vision 
Pull it together

You have enough chaos in the kitchen without adding technology to your plate. Celery makes it simple. 


Seamlessly bring together POS, online ordering, loyalty, Reservations, and Ordering from Table, in one place.

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Restaurant Table

Fine dining

A data-driven dining

Captivate the cravings of your diners with a seamless and sensational experience from reservation to receipt. With Celery, every step from tableside service to payment processing is streamlined, enabling faster table turnarounds, reduced errors, and higher guest satisfaction.

Gather and analyze customer behaviours, menu performance, and server efficiency. Celery provides valuable insights to help fine dining establishments make informed business decisions, ensuring exceptional service, sumptuous sales, and client satisfaction.

- Seamless Tableside service

- Works offline without additional hardware.

Quick Service Restaurants

The clue is in the name.

Move in-store customers online with self-service kiosks & QR code ordering from their tables for a faster turnaround process with smaller staff requirements.

Engage with customers via SMS and push notifications to reactivate lost customers and maximise lifetime value.

- Pre-paid table orders (QR code). 

- Direct online orders (Website or App)

- 0% commission

Restaurant Owner
Coffee Fellows
Celery has brought everything together in one place, from Point of Sale to Loyalty and Order from Table, making it incredibly easy to manage my entire operation.
They have exceeded my expectations and I trust them with the entire operation of my business.

Luke S. (Franchise Operator)

Coffee Fellows

Coffee and Croissants

Cafe & Grab'n Go

Goodbye rip-off commissions on your good morning coffee.

Online ordering isn't just for QSRs anymore. It's just as important for cafes to offer pre-ordering & smart loyalty features that regulars actually want.  

With your own branded website and app, your customers can order directly from your business - and you can avoid the high commissions associated with food marketplaces and aggregators.

- Branded loyalty app

- Direct online orders

- 0% commission

Bars & Nightclubs

Digital Ordering systems built 
for those busy nights out

No one wants to crowd around a packed bar maneuvring to the front to shout their order. Give your customers a better experience in your bar or nightclub with Celery QR code ordering.

- Offer convenience & time-relevant offers.

- Reduce theft & waste.

Girls Night Out
In 36 months, Celery has made a huge impact on all our restaurants' operations & we couldn't be happier with the results.
What I really like about Celery is the team is easy to work with and super efficient .

Ian S. (Operations Manager)

China Town & Saree

Enterprise Ready

Mission control for
chains & franchises

Celery is an ideal solution for growing franchises and multi-outlet brands that see the value of having perfect interrelated data.

Everything you need from a single, specialised, & integrated provider.

With granular permissions, direct settlement of funds from online orders and reservation deposits, real-time group reporting, and a robust Partner API, Celery provides power without sacrificing efficiency.

ONE-stop-shop for
Your Restaurant

  • Can CeleryPOS handle my Hotel or Restaurant?
    We facilitate millions of € in sales for the hospitality businesses every year. From Hotel groups (managing their own restaurants & bars), to worldwide Cafe & Fast food franchises operating hundreds of independent outlets. CeleryPOS excels at: Helping customers order from anywhere. Traditional and fine dining operations can easily provide table-side service with courses, just as Quick-Service restaurants can provide unmanned kiosks, scan-and-pay-QR codes, and terminals at guest tables to speed up the ordering process and improve the customer experience. Simplifying with one point of control. Staff, sales, online orders, deliveries, reservation diaries, and coupon codes can all be managed from a single location, freeing up resources for fulfilment and service. With cloud POS and advanced reporting, you can manage everything from anywhere. Manage multiple locations. CeleryPOS is designed to handle any number of chain & franchise locations, allowing for centralised management of inventory, sales data, and marketing analytics. This can help quick-service restaurants expand and scale their operations more easily. Handling online & food marketplace orders. With the rise of food delivery apps, restaurants require a POS system capable of handling all types of delivery orders. Integration with third-party delivery platforms is one example, as is the ability to manage in-house delivery options. Offer integrated payment processing. A POS system that accepts multiple forms of payment, such as cash, credit card, and smartphone payments, can help quick-service restaurants appeal to a broader range of customers while also improving the checkout process.
  • Can I use my existing hardware with the CeleryPOS?
    A resounding maybe! Not all hardware that you could potentially use is necessarily built to serve as point of sale hardware or to work in a hardcore restaurant environment, which likely means we do not support it. We sell & support only hardware that we believe is the most reliable and that will serve you a good, long lifetime. Please speak to one of our specialists if you have any doubts.
  • Can I use the same hardware for my bar, restaurant & kitchen setup?
    Supported brands of receipt/label thermal printers, Apple iPads & POS stands will definitely be transferable between your bar, kitchen & restaurant, while others are much more specific to the environment you’re creating. When in doubt, give us a shout I the chat! A Celery Expert will be more than happy to clarify.
  • What POS hardware system should I consider?
    Your environment reflects the vibe you're setting in your store. At the basic level, you are going to need an EPSON receipt printer, a cash drawer, a payment terminal, and an Apple iPad. If you're thinking about getting fancy with QR codes, a ZEBRA label maker is a sure fire way to turn up the heat.
  • Does Celery provide support for my hardware-related questions?
    Absolutely. Our Experts are available any time to answer questions about Celery-supported hardware.
  • Does the CeleryTABLES reservations plan have any limits?
    Unlimited bookings. No cover charge. No overage fees. No % commission. One reservation diary across Website, Google, Facebook, & phone. Take deposits, and send reminders for just ONE flat fee. You're welcome.
  • Can I add bookings manually?
    Our goal is to minimise any chaos across Social Media, Website widgets, Google Reservations & Booking links; but we also understand that you have to take over the phone bookings & face-to-face reservations with your different guests. It's as simple as creating an event on an open table & your guest will receive all the appropriate notifications.
  • Do you take any commission?
    No. Just a fair, flat-fee per month & service with a smile. Sell all you can with no limits or restrictions to gather all the great Customer data you could ever possibly want.
  • Should I bother with my own mobile App?
    Unbeatable value for a one-time fee & a lifetime of updates. Besides offering the most optimised experience possible, being in their pocket means you can target your audience, wherever they are & reach customers when it counts with unlimited FREE push notifications. Collect valuable engagement data and understand what keeps your customers coming back for more with targeted triggers based on their shopping behaviours.
  • Is Loyalty worth a Power-Up?
    Incentives increase engagement, retention, & lifetime value; while more data improves your customer insights. CeleryENGAGE unlocks a robust Loyalty Wallet with no Customers limits; unlimited Push Notifications & a seamless integration with the Customer database in CeleryPOS.
  • Do I have to use Celery Delivery Network?
    No. Feel free to add your own delivery devils to the driver pool, if you're lucky enough to have them! When you're hit with a surge of orders, simply fulfil with the Celery Delivery Network as you need. Relax with the knowledge that we've always got your back for when things get busy.
  • Does Celery offer Partner API access for integrations?
    Yes! Send an email to or reach out to us through the chat box at the bottom of the page to learn more.
  • Are the integrations listed here an exhaustive list?
    No, this page is not a complete list of our integration. Please contact us if you are interested in integrating Celery with a service that isn't listed o this page. We are always adding new integrations to our ecosystem! Reach out at or reach out to us through the chat box at the bottom of the page to learn more.
  • How can I integrate with Celery?
    Reach out at or reach out to us through the chat box at the bottom of the page if you'd like to partner with us!
  • Can I integrate Inventory Management systems?
    Definitely! Currently we support MarketMan & we're working on adding even more cloud-based restaurant inventory management and purchasing apps focused on streamlining procurement, and restaurant accounting.
  • Can I integrate hospitality Accounting software?
    Definitely! We work with Xero, Sage & we're working on adding even more cloud-based Accounting software for hospitality to streamline every process into ONE. We are always working on new integrations with our partners so let us know which integrations you'd like to see next!
  • Can I integrate my Hotel's restaurants & PMS?
    Celery supports Amadeus & MEWS to streamline every Property Management process into ONE. We are always working on new integrations with our partners so let us know which integrations you'd like to see next!

Talk to us today. Take control of
your brand & business with Celery.

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