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Everything You Need

Cloud POS

Website & Mobile App

Marketing Tools

Franchise Friendly

Retain your customers,

lead with loyalty

Get direct orders without competing on Marketplaces

Free marketing with scheduled & targeted Push Notifications

Control your brand across multiple locations.

Food Delivery Service

Features For Restaurants

✔  Take orders & payment online

✔  Cloud CeleryPOS

✔  Powerful marketing tools for Ads and Push Notifications

✔  Loyalty schemes & Voucher builder

✔  Table bookings and reservations

✔  Kitchen display system

✔  Launch Ad Campaign Funded By Celery

Don't slave away for an aggregator, invest in your own brand!



Lower Costs

Offering good service & delivery isn’t cheap. Our latest tech can make sure your every penny counts

Higher Profit

A strong brand & loyal customers mean you depend less on referral sites & expensive aggregators

Better Retention

From efficient checkout to a smooth experience, we ensure your customers will happily re-engage



We're here for you every step of the way.

✔  Attract new customers with Celery Marketing 

✔  Delight with exclusive deals & offers

✔  Retain loyal regulars with 1-Click-Reorder

✔  Reactivate old users with Push Notifications


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Celery ?

- Don't let expensive food marketplaces ride on your brand.

- Own your customers with retention features like loyalty & push notifications.

- Keep more of your hard earned profits.

What results can I expect?

Between increased profitability & more effective marketing, Celery partners make 6x to 12x return on their investment every month!

Why do I need my own app ? 

- Level up your Brand

- Being on your customers' phone means you can reach them for FREE with Celery scheduled notifications.

- Don't compete with hundreds of brands on one marketplace.

- Marketing "at cost" - Channel savings into food discounts and give-aways to create delighted, loyal customers 

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Kyle Schembri. Owner of PO.K restaurant

“We’ve been online with the app and website for about 12 months and I can safely say that it’s become our most profitable stream of income.


I don’t think we can ask for better service!” 



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