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Online ordering system

For Restaurants

Our online ordering platform increases order size by over 25% and encourages repeat customer. 

✔  Take orders & payment online.

✔  Loyalty schemes & custom deals.

✔  Table bookings and reservations.

✔  Kitchen display, POS integrations & more.

Don't slave away for an aggregator, invest in your own brand!

For Hotels

More than 96% of hotel guests travel with smartphones & 74% of travellers would prefer to order from a mobile app if their favourite hotel had one.

✔  Guests prefer to room service via the app.

✔  Cross-sell spa, gift shops, workspaces & more.

✔  Notify guests of deals across the property.

✔  Kitchen display, PMS integrations & more.

Delight & upsell while keeping your brand front & centre!


Lower Costs

Offering clients delivery or room service isn’t cheap. The latest tech can make sure every penny counts

Higher Profit

A strong brand & loyal customers means you depend less on referral sites & aggregators

Better Retention

Whether it's an efficient delivery or rolling out new deals, ensure your customers will happily engage


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