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Hotel & Resort

From the A.I. Concierge to Spa bookings, transform all your amenities into a luxury experience with Celery. Offer your guests the pinnacle of convenience and quality, with a system that's as comfortable and inviting as your rooms.

A.I. Concierge

Your Virtual Assistant, Always On Duty

Revolutionize guest assistance with Celery's A.I. Concierge. Providing 24/7 local information and services, our AI-powered tool enhances the guest experience, offering instant answers and recommendations at their fingertips.

Branded Guest App

Maximise Upselling with Targeted Notifications

Leverage Celery's branded guest app to not just connect but upsell services like spa treatments. The app's intuitive design encourages guests to explore and book additional hotel amenities, seamlessly enhancing their stay while boosting your revenue.


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Dynamic Room Service Ordering

Elevate In-Room Dining Experiences

Modernise your room service with our intuitive ordering system. Guests can effortlessly order from their rooms, receiving real-time updates and enjoying a seamless dining experience without picking up the phone.

Customizable Digital Menus

Easily Manage 20+ Digital Menus, Made to Order

Create and update digital menus that reflect your hotel's unique culinary identity. Our flexible platform allows you to adjust offerings in real-time across as all the outlets you may operate, catering to guest preferences, nutritional information and seasonal trends


Amadeus PMS integration
MEWS PMS integration
XERO accounting integration
SAGE accounting integration

Seamless PMS Integration

Sync with Modern PMS Systems

Integrate any of your properties effortlessly with leading Property Management Systems like Amadeus, MEWS, and others. Celery ensures a smooth flow of information between your F&B services and room management, enhancing operational efficiency.

Advanced Reporting for F&B

Deep Data Across All Outlets at Your Fingertips

Gain deep insights into your hotel's F&B performance. Our advanced reporting tools provide data-driven clarity, helping you make informed decisions to enhance guest satisfaction and profitability.

Celery helps hospitality hustle harder in a modern world. Don't get left behind.

Comprehensive Management for Multi-Property

Streamline And Synchronise, Across Your Hotel Chain

Celery offers an all-encompassing solution for multi-property hotels, designed to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and unify management practices across all locations.

  • Unified Multi-Outlet Management: Seamlessly integrate operations from F&B to room bookings, ensuring consistency and efficiency at every property.

  • Centralised Reporting and Analytics: Make informed decisions with aggregated data from all properties, understanding trends and optimizing performance.

  • Integrated Inventory Management: Efficiently manage stock across all hotels, reducing waste and ensuring each outlet is perfectly equipped.

  • Customisable Guest Experience: Tailor services to meet the unique needs of each property while maintaining your brand's quality and ethos.

  • Seamless PMS Integration: Connect with top-tier Property Management Systems for real-time information flow and enhanced coordination.


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