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Reduce wait times, increase order accuracy, and offer a modern, interactive dining experience with Order and Pay from table. It’s the future of ordering so scan the QR Code for Service and book a demo today.

QR Code Order&Pay

Simplify Ordering with a Scan

CeleryQR is an Order&Pay feature. Guests can scan a QR code to view the menu, place orders, and make payments directly from their devices at their convenience. Smooths busy service, prevents dine & dash, and avoids miscommunication.

Personalized Digital Experience

Align QR Menus with Your Brand Identity

Customise the look and feel of your digital menus in CeleryQR to match your brand's aesthetic for a cohesive brand experience between your physical to online touchpoints.


Qawra Palace Hotel Client Logo
Rampila Restaurant Client Logo
Coffee Fellows Client Logo
Panku Streetfood Client Logo

Dynamic Menu Management

Keep Your Menu Current and Engaging

Update your digital menu in real-time with CeleryQR. Modify dish availability, specials, and pricing instantly, ensuring your guests always have access to the latest offerings and information.

Safe & Secure Payments

Facilitate Contactless Transactions

Support contactless payments, providing a safe and hygienic way for guests to pay for their orders to add guest safety to a streamlined the payment process.

Enhance guest experiences with a more personalized service

Tableside Service

Streamline Orders to Specific Tables

CeleryQR enables guests to place orders to be delivered directly to their table. Each QR code can be linked to a specific table, ensuring accurate and prompt service, enhancing guest satisfaction.

Poolside Ordering

Elevate Your Sunbed Service

With CeleryQR, guests lounging poolside can order food and drinks directly to their sun-beds. This feature adds a touch of luxury to the guest experience, allowing them to relax uninterrupted while enjoying your amenities.


Amadeus PMS integration
MEWS PMS integration
XERO accounting integration
SAGE accounting integration

Uniform Digital Interface

Brand Consistency in Every Location

CeleryQR ensures a consistent brand experience across all franchise outlets. Its customisable digital interface can be tailored to reflect your brand's style and ethos, providing a uniform look and feel in every outlet's ordering process, thus reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty.

Handle High Traffic Ordering

Same Service Efficiency Across Locations

CeleryQR is designed to handle high-volume ordering, making it ideal for busy multi-outlet franchises. The ease of QR code scanning and digital ordering together with table delivery helps manage large customer inflows, ensuring organised and accurate service delivery in every outlet, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational throughput.

No platform tax. No commissions. No cover charges. Just Value.

Simple Pricing

Whether you're looking for POS, Table Reservations, white-labelled online ordering, or all of the above - Unlock endless possibilities without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to unbeatable value tailored for your Hospitality business. No tricks, no risk, no-brainer.

EUR 97

per month

30 day free trial

Unlimited Orders

White Labelled

0% Commission

Integrated with POS

Advanced Reporting

Delivery Management

Serious Staff Permissions

Loyalty Wallet & Rewards

CRM Engagement Tools

Wolt Food Delivery Service

Add Phone Support

Operating 3 or more outlets? Combining multiple Celery modules? 

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