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A cloud Point of Sale is more than just a transaction tool. It's the heartbeat of your operations, designed to streamline processes, enhance customer service, and boost your bottom line.


Reliable Offline Transactions

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Uninterrupted Service with Offline Mode

In the dynamic world of hospitality, internet hiccups shouldn't stall your service. CeleryPOS's offline mode ensures continuous operation, capturing transactions during outages and syncing them once you're back online, guaranteeing a seamless experience for your guests and staff alike.

Monitoring for Voids & Discounts

Secure Your Operation & Livelihood

CeleryPOS helps safeguard your business with automated reports on voids and discounts. Monitor these transactions by 'Server', and 'Reason' to stay ahead of any potential fraud, ensuring your business remains secure and profitable.

Accounting Tasks


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Advanced Fiscal Controls

Stay Compliant with

With CeleryPOS, easily access, review, and reprint copies of fiscal receipts and Z-readings, view them online at any time or even share them directly with your Auditors. CeleryPOS keeps compliance with financial regulations, audits and record-keeping hassle-free.

Seamless Cash Payments

Money Management

Integrate cash recyclers with CeleryPOS for efficient cash management. This feature streamlines the cash handling process, reduces errors, and improves security, ensuring that your cash transactions are as smooth as your card ones.

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Amadeus PMS integration
MEWS PMS integration
XERO accounting integration
SAGE accounting integration
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Client Credit on Account

Extend Personalised Credit Options

Offer a VIP touch with client credit accounts. CeleryPOS allows you to extend credit to trusted clients, enhancing their experience and loyalty. It's an excellent way to personalise service for regular guests and esteemed clients. Credit can be against a pre-authorised payment method. 

Open Tab Management

Seated Guest Alias for

With CeleryPOS, personalise your guest's experience with tab aliases — be it 'Handsome man with beard' or 'Regular at table five'. This feature adds a personal touch to service and helps staff remember and engage with guests more effectively.

Taking an Order

Enhance guest experiences with a more personalized service

Paying at the Store

Flexible Payment & Discount Options

Tailor Transaction Type with Unlimited Options

Customise your payment types and discount methods with CeleryPOS. Whether it's a Special Promo, Director's Comp, a unique payment method, or a custom discount, you have the flexibility to cater to your business' and customers' specific needs in an unlimited way.

Support Corporate Billing

Effortless Corporate 
Billing & Invoicing 

CeleryPOS simplifies corporate event hosting with specialised invoice payment methods. Easily manage billing for groups and corporate clients, offering a hassle-free payment experience for both your team and your corporate guests.

City Market

Deliver convenience. Providing flexibility for every payment scenario.

Concierge Service

Commission Tracking

Take Care of your 
Referral Partners

Take care of your Revenue Sharing partnerships such Concierges, Tour Operators or even upselling Sommeliers with CeleryPOS's commission tracking for referrals. Keep track of referral sources, agreed percentages and applicable conditions to calculate commissions accurately, and build strong relationships with local concierges, boosting your referral network and revenue.

Connect Sage or Xero

Streamline Your Financial Processes

CeleryPOS seamlessly integrates with leading accounting software Sage and Xero, providing you with a streamlined, error-free accounting experience. Effortlessly sync sales data, manage invoices, and track expenses, all in real time, ensuring your financials are always up-to-date and accurate.

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Perfect POS for Enterprise

Aimed at Ambitious 
Multi-Outlet Merchants

CeleryPOS is tailored for the nuanced demands of multi-outlet F&B franchises. Dive deep into enterprise-level insights with our comprehensive sales performance analysis, offering granular details on each outlet's sales trends, peak periods, and menu item popularity.

Our simple yet fully integrated stock-level tracking allows for management across all locations & even reflects this on Food Marketplaces and Digital Menus, preventing stockouts and inconvenient phone calls.

Understand your customers like never before with detailed behavior insights, shaping your marketing and loyalty strategies to meet evolving preferences.


Keep a pulse on your workforce with employee performance analytics, aligning staffing with demand for maximum efficiency.


Utilize multi-outlet comparative analysis to benchmark and replicate success across the franchise. Moreover, our robust financial reporting tools ensure compliance and informed fiscal decisions, positioning your enterprise at the forefront of operational excellence and profitability.

Round Building

No platform tax. No commissions. No cover charges. Just Value.

Simple Pricing

Whether you're looking for POS, Table Reservations, white-labelled online ordering, or all of the above - Unlock endless possibilities without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to unbeatable value tailored for your Hospitality business. No tricks, no risk, no-brainer.

EUR 67

per month

30 day free trial

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Receipts

0% Commission

Works Offline

Essential Reporting

Control Inventory & Low Stock

Detailed Permissions

Synch Wolt directly

Add Terminals

Enterprise Reporting

Add Phone Support

Operating 3 or more outlets? Combining multiple Celery modules? 

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