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Full Service Dining

In the realm of fine dining, every detail matters. Celery brings precision and grace to your service, crafting an impeccable dining experience. Manage your gourmet establishment with technology that's as refined as your menu.

Reservation Management

Curate an Exclusive Hosting Atmosphere

Perfect the patron's journey from reservation to dining. With Celery, oversee your booking diary with finesse, allowing for personalised service and seamless table turnover to match the prestige of your fine dining establishment.

Personalised Guest Diary

Host the Unique Tastes of VIP Patrons

With Celery, every guest feels like the only guest. Manage preferences, remember special occasions, & greet by name — personal touches that define fine dining.


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Advanced Reporting

Insights as Refined as Your Menu

Delve into the fine details with advanced reporting. Understand your patrons' preferences and seasonal trends to tailor your offerings—data-driven decisions to complement culinary excellence

Cost of Goods Controls

Craft Your Finest Cuisine Cost-Consciously

Fine dining requires meticulous attention to detail, not just in plating but in pricing. With precise cost of goods sold (COGS) tracking, Celery ensures you understand the financial nuances of every dish. Maximize margins while maintaining the artistry your guests expect.


Amadeus PMS integration
MEWS PMS integration
XERO accounting integration
SAGE accounting integration

Digital Specials Menu & Wine Library

Digital Menus that Match Your Mastery

Present your culinary creations on digital menus that embody the elegance of your establishment. Update in real-time and pair dishes with sommelier notes for an interactive experience.

Branded Loyalty Experience

Gratification Beyond the Meal

Reward your guests with a loyalty program that extends the luxury. Offer bespoke rewards, events, and tastings that encourage return visits and deepen patron loyalty.

Celery helps hospitality hustle harder in a modern world. Don't get left behind.

Seamless Multi-Location Sync

Harmonise Your Fine Dining Chain or Franchise

Managing a chain of fine dining restaurants presents unique challenges — from maintaining high standards to ensuring uniformity in guest experience. Celery provides a centralized command center for your operations, allowing for seamless communication, menu synchronization, and performance monitoring across all locations. Empower each establishment to perform like a well-tuned symphony, delivering the same impeccable service and culinary delight that defines your brand.

With Celery’s sophisticated system, leadership can implement brand-wide strategies, update menus, and deploy promotions simultaneously, saving time and eliminating errors. Real-time analytics offer insights into each location's performance, enabling swift, informed decisions that propel your entire chain forward. It’s not just about managing – it’s about elevating and expanding the horizon of your fine dining legacy with technology that’s as refined as your palate.


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