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Quick Service

Speed is the spice of life in a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Celery's nimble POS systems and digital ordering solutions keep your lines moving and your customers smiling, faster than ever before.

Digital Ordering

Fast-Track Your Food Service

Transform quick bites into swift sales with digital ordering. Customers can order with a click, chefs receive real-time updates, and your service remains brisk. It's fast food, evolved.

Integrated Delivery Platforms

Synchronize Your Delivery Channels into One

Celery unites all your delivery channels into one seamless flow. Manage in-house, third-party, and online orders from a single point, keeping your QSR moving fast, without the fuss.


Qawra Palace Hotel Client Logo
Rampila Restaurant Client Logo
Coffee Fellows Client Logo
Panku Streetfood Client Logo

Customizable Digital Menus

Easily Shape Menus as you Imagine them

Update pricing, specials, and items on the go with Celery's digital menus. Reflect real-time changes across all platforms, ensuring customers always see the latest offerings at lightning speed.

Real-Time Analytics

Insights at the Speed of Service

Make informed decisions on-the-fly. Celery's analytics dashboard delivers real-time data on sales, peak times, and customer preferences, helping you optimize for quick service success.


Amadeus PMS integration
MEWS PMS integration
XERO accounting integration
SAGE accounting integration

Contactless Payments

Speed Through Checkout with a Tap

Keep the lines moving and the customers content. Celery's contactless payments mean quick taps, fast transactions, and a secure checkout experience. It's less time paying, more time enjoying.

Digital Loyalty App

Build a Following and Keep Them Coming Back

Transform first-timers into regulars with Celery's digital loyalty program. Offer rewards that resonate, track customer habits, and personalize promotions, all while keeping the checkout process quick and easy. It’s loyalty, accelerated for the fast-paced QSR environment with targeted mobile notifications.

Celery helps hospitality hustle harder in a modern world. Don't get left behind.

Multi-Location Management

Unify Countless Outlets with Cutting-Edge Controls

Scale your Quick Service outlets with Celery’s purpose-built multi-location management capabilities for Hotels & Restaurants.

  • Streamline Inventory: Automatically sync inventory across all outlets. Track usage, predict needs, and reorder effortlessly.

  • Consistent Customer Experience: Uniform loyalty programs and promotions across all locations ensure a reliable brand experience for every customer.

  • Real-Time Data: Access live analytics from any outlet for informed decision-making. Compare performance and strategize effectively.

  • Operational Synergy: Coordinate menus, pricing, and specials across multiple venues with a few clicks. Ensure brand consistency and operational efficiency.

  • Seamless Integration: Connect with existing systems for finance, HR, and more, reducing the complexity of multi-site management.

With these features, your QSR chain can optimize operations, minimize waste, and maximize profits, keeping you several steps ahead in the fast-paced world of Quick Service dining.


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