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Latest Updates

Version 3.0.9.iv

16 February, 2024

New Features

🚀 Refunds - Look up any order from your records directly from CeleryHQ app. Easily reprint or refund historic orders from periods that have already been closed.

📱 Tablet friendly Menu Editor - Edit your menu directly from your restaurant iPad.


🖨️ Fiscal Receipts - Fiscal receipts can now display the number of covers, and the singular cost of items with multiple quantities.

🧾 Xero Integration - Added the flexibility to choose whether end-of-day sales reports are posted to Xero as "Drafts & Unpaid" or immediately "Authorised & Paid"

Bug Fixes

🔧 Menu Item Modifiers - Resolved an issue where certain text fields were losing focus when inputting new characters.

🔧 Menu Builder  - Resolved a permission issue where some users weere not allowed to access the menu builder. 

Version 3.0.9.iii

2 February, 2024

New Features

🚀 Punch Clock - Comprehensive clocking, labor tracking, and reporting capabilities are now available for #WorkforceManagement.

🚀 Expo SDK 49 - Our development environment now leverages Expo SDK 49, enhancing our toolset and overall app performance.

🏠 Customisable Home Screen - The CeleryHQ App home page has been redesigned for a more elegant experience with 3 modes: Data, Privacy, & Simple.

📱 Remote Assistance - Enhanced CeleryHQ App with features to help #TeamCelery effortlessly assist clients remotely. 

📱 Mobile-Friendly Back Office - Enhanced mobile responsiveness for critical back-office functions, ensuring seamless management on the go.


📈 Stock Production Enhancements - Advanced Settings in the Inventory module have been improved for better stock production management.

🏷️ Report Labelling Consistency - Unified naming conventions for email and generated reports across the platform.

🖨️ Printer Pulse - Improved thermal printer integration & network connectivity intelligence for a more reliable printing experience.

🧾 Sage Integration - Enhanced to handle Sage accounts that have no Tax types set up yet. 

Bug Fixes

🔧 Stock Production / Menu Item Creation - Resolved a situation where non-tracked items were sometimes incorrectly marked as “Edited Today”.

Version 3.0.9.ii

26 January, 2024

New Features

🧾 Fiscal Receipts Compliance - Receipts now distinguish between 'FISCAL' and 'NON-FISCAL' as per new legal standards.

🍲 Stock Production Management - Introducing stock production requirements management for outlets. Set Par Quantities for each day and enable daily reports for your production manager.

🖨️ Receipt Printer Support - Enhanced integration to support various printer models, formats, and styling options.

🎨 Printer Fonts & Styling  - Tailor the appearance of your kitchen tickets with layout options and font sizes.

💱 Multi-Currency Support - Flexibility to set the currency symbol from Admin Settings.


🔀 Modifier Lists - Improved UX by enabling drag-and-drop rearrangement.

🧾 Tracking Receipt Copies  - Fiscal receipt reprints are now tracked and appropriately labelled to avoid abuse.

🎫 Vouchers & Rewards Alignment - Harmonised Vouchers, Rewards, and Discounted pricing across CeleryPOS and CeleryORDERS (Online Ordering) platforms for a more consistent experience.


Bug Fixes

🔧 Advanced Reports - Corrected Euro symbol rendering issue on Windows machines.

🔧 Wolt Sync - Fixed an issue with the 'Fulfill' button not showing for specific outlet setups.

🔧 Printer Bindings - Resolved an issue where editing menu items from the POS cart wasn't properly updating the printer binding

Version 3.0.9

19 January, 2024

New Features

📋 Menu Items - Enhanced Assignment of Menu Items to their Outlets directly from each menu item.

📋 Menu Items - Incorporated the 'Accounting' tab into a drop-down menu directly into the "General' tab.

🔢 Kitchen Ticket Customisation - Introducing customizable elements for Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) designs.

🔢 Kitchen Ticket Grouping - New option to group identical items or list them separately.

⏱️ Pre-Bill Events - Requesting a pre-bill is now being time-stamped, & indicated on the POS to help the staff visualise which tables need to be tended to. 


⌛ POS Activity - Certain Table Actions now display the elapsed number of minutes instead of the time.

🍴 Outlet Menus - Automated item assignments for single outlet, non-online ordering setups.

☆ Default Variants & Modifiers - Made it possible to set default variants & modifiers for faster bill creation.

🎟️ Vouchers & Rewards - Unified the logic and user experience for vouchers, rewards, and discounts.

🔄 Modifier Lists - Enhanced flexibility for reorganizing Modifiers in a List.


Bug Fixes

🔧 Delivery Time in E-Receipt - Corrected time formatting for specific delivery methods.

🔧 Duplicating Menu Items - Resolved issue with 'Save and Duplicate' function not copying all changes correctly.

🔧 Menu Item Discounted Prices - Fixed a UI issue affecting the display of discounted prices in certain scenarios.

Version 3.0.8.ii

12 January, 2024

New Features

🔄 'Void & Recreate' for Direct Sales - Allow team members with the permission to correct mistakes on finalised Direct Sales with just a few clicks


🖥️ Back Office Enhancements - More intuitive UI/UX around permissions management.

🧾 POS - Clearer indication of which Voucher or Reward is being scanned from the pos when facing customers.

📈 Improved Report Generation - Extended pagination and multithreading to all reports.

📊 Enhanced Quick Look - Now displays Sales before discounts, with upgraded UI for clearer revenue annotation.

⚙️ Automated End of Day Jobs - Optimised job synchronisation and logging for efficiency.


Bug Fixes

🔧 Team Permissions -  Switch component now updating in real time as team permissions change.

🔧 Automated Reports - Resolved crashes from large automatically generated monthly reports.

🔧 Courier Collection Point - Fixed an issue with certain courier collection details being restricted.

Version 3.0.8

Big Update

05 January, 2024


🥳 2023 Wrap Up   Check it out →

New Features

🌐 Wolt Drive - Extended functionality for cash delivery, ID card presentation, and automatic driver updates.

📍 Advanced Geofencing for Delivery Zones - Precision and efficiency in defining delivery areas.

🔕 Online Orders - Added functionality to snooze delivery zones till the next day.

🧾 Fiscal Receipt Customisation - Enhanced print options for fiscal receipt details.

🧾 Detailed Z Report Option - Include total Pax & Tables served, Discounts & Sales Breakdowns.

💌 Receipt Promo Footnote - Extended options for custom texts and QR codes.

🎁 Vouchers & Rewards - Are now able to factor delivery fees.


🧾 POS Enhancements - Clearer indicators for split bills and streamlined bill processing.

🖥️ Back Office Terminal Settings - Improved UI/UX for creation and editing.

📈 Advanced Reporting - Introduced pagination and background report generation for larger reports.

📈 Quick Reports - Added Payment Methods and other order details for granular searching.

🔄 External Orders Sync - Implemented External Queue system for better synchronisation with external APIs.

🔒 Security Enhancements - Centralised pin-in logic for improved security.

Bug Fixes

🔧 Quick Reporting - Fixed data fetching issue for certain page visits.

🔧 Advanced Reporting - Resolved memory exception for large date range searches.

🔧 Online Orders - Fixed loyalty points adjustment being re-calculated when payment method was changed.

🔧 Online Orders - Fixed an issue where rejecting a Completed online order would still appear in both Completed and Rejected sections.

🔧 POS - Corrected 'send as e-receipt' input field anomaly.



🏨 Amadeus Integration - New option to exclude Room charges from revenue centres.

📊 Xero - Resolved customer creation issue related to special characters.

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