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Latest Updates

Version 3.1.9

27 May, 2024

New Features

 🍽️ Multi-table Bookings - CeleryTABLES can now place new reservations across multiple tables, which will be joined together.

🚨 Third Party Incident Alert -  Implemented a mechanism to alert the Celery team of any connection or functionality issues arising from third-party services.


🖨️ Printer Stability -  Introduced smarter ways of handling receipt printer connection issues and errors, aiming to help your team resolve incidents quickly.

🗃️ CRM Upgrade -  Added more data fields, providing a richer customer management experience.

📋 Assigning Customers -  Back office users can now attach customers to previously closed orders & modify customer details within orders, such as invoices.

📦 Moving Menu Sections -  Updated our menu builder with a bulk menu section change functionality for easier and more efficient item management.

Bug Fixes

🔧 Moving Menu Sections - Fixed an issue where moving Menu Items between Menu Sections in very large menus was timing out.

Version 3.1.8

Big Update

21 May, 2024

New Features

🌐 Alternate Reservation Widgets - CeleryTABLES now offers you an alternate widget for your online platforms that best suite the user experience you wish to offer.


📊 Reservation Data Collection -  Extended reservation setup to enable restaurants to optionally track the counts of adults & children separately.

Bug Fixes

🔧 Printer Queues - Resolved an issue with data-garbage-collection related to printer queues in applications running continuously for more than 24 hours.

🔧 Search Functionality - Fixed an issue causing the "Search" functionality in CeleryPOS to not render properly, which led to obstructed views in certain scenarios.

Version 3.1.6

10 May, 2024

New Features

🚨 Printer Alerts - We've transformed the way we handle printer issues and alerts. CeleryPOS is now smart enough to re-attempt & resolve a failed print job on its own.

🖨️ Versatile Reservations - CeleryTABLES now allows you to extend your reservation offerings to not just tables, but any reservable items that your property manages, such as sunbeds, boats, & more. 


✉️ Email Templates - We've given our email templates a lot of love and care. Restaurants now have much more customisable options to set up their own branding, messages, terms and conditions and promotions in their email content. 

📅 Embeddable Reservation Widgets - CeleryTABLES now offers you different reservation flow options when setting up and customising your booking widgets.

🗓️ Res Diary- We've upgraded the CeleryTABLES Res Diary calendar to be more accurate & visually adept to the restaurant's time table.

Bug Fixes

🔧 Poor network conditions - We've fixed an issue where poor networking conditions while finalising an order were causing unexpected results.

🔧 Send To Kitchen Alerts - We've fixed an issue where sending an empty course to the kitchen in specific workflows was having unexpected results. 


Version 3.1.3

Big Update

26 April, 2024

New Features

📝 Rich Text Editor - A new, powerful text editor now allows back office users enhanced control over text input and formatting.

🎫 Booking Widget Promotional Messages - Users can now enhance their reservation widget with custom promotional images and messages.

📄 Customisable T&Cs and Promotional Messages - Multiple new options for customizing terms and conditions and promotional messages across linked pages, emails, reservation widgets, and more.

💸 Partial Payments for Direct Orders - Introduced the ability to handle partial payments directly on orders.


📧 Enhanced Reservation Acceptance via Email - Upgraded tools for accepting new reservations on the go,

Bug Fixes

🔧 Product Report - Resolved an issue where not all product prices were displayed in reports when aggregated by POSID.

🔧 Discount Split - Corrected a problem where certain discount splits were being undone upon navigating away from the discount page.

🔧 Discount Handling - Addressed issues with discount applications when issuing pre-bills.

Version 3.1.2.ii

19 April, 2024

New Features

🤖 Auto-allocation for Large Parties - Enhanced the Customer Reservation Widget to support new auto-join rules set up through the back office.

🏷️ Reservation Tag Management - New back office Tag setup module enables management to control tag availability and influence auto-allocation differently.

💳 Partial Payments on Direct Order - Partial Payments & Credit On Account are now enabled for Direct Sale transactions.

💳 Auto-close Override - Added 'Force Close' functionality to select payment integrations.


📅 Booking Overview Revamp - Unveiling a new look and enhanced performance for the daily booking overview in the back office module, streamlined for efficient reservation management.

🎉 Booking Large Parties - The CeleryTABLES Smart Diary now allows staff to assign reservations for large parties to multiple tables simultaneously.

📝 MarketMan Modifiers - Better handling of Celery Menu modifiers.

🔄 MarketMan Order Sync - Implemented checks for scenarios where Market Man is processing new menu items during Celery sales data push.


🔧 Xero Rounding Error - Resolved a rounding error in Xero Invoice creation that caused a €0.01 discrepancy.

🔧 X-Read Variance - Fixed an issue where X-Read was not considering the complete set of orders due to incorrect terminal timezone settings.

Version 3.1.2

12 April, 2024

New Features

💳 Autoclose Override - Added 'Force Close' functionality to select integrations.

💳 Pay Ins/Outs History - Added detailed transaction history for better financial tracking.


📧 Email Reports: The Voids and Refunds report now includes Discarded orders and the staff's reasons for such actions.

🗑️ Discarded Orders: Back-office can now force a discarded open back onto the CeleryPOS for closure and payment processing.

💳 Guest Credit: Guests can now be assigned credit via the back office or online reservation deposits, which can be used to pay (or partially pay) bills through CeleryPOS.

📅 Pay Ins/Outs History: CeleryPOS users can now access and manage the history and details of Pay ins/outs from the last 30 days.

🛠️ Integrated Payment Hardware Upgrade: Introduced an override functionality for selected integrations.


🔧 Offline Mode Syncing - Resolved an issue affecting sync operations when a device re-enters offline mode.

🔧 Amadeus Integration Cleanup - Improved the process for when an order synced with Amadeus PMS is voided and recreated.

Version 3.1.1.ii

5 April, 2024

New Features

💳 Table Reservation Deposits - CeleryTABLES now supports deposit collection with reservations.

🧾 Split/Combine Bill Line Items - CeleryPOS now splits or combines identical Bill line items depending on the situation.


💸  Celery Default Payment Method Names - Improved clarity and consistency across payment methods.

⚙️ Product Reports by POSID - Enhanced large report handling, grouping products by POSID asynchronously, and delivering reports via email for efficiency.

⚙️ Performance & Stability - Improved system reliability & faster processing.

📊 Product Reports - Upgrades for more manageable reports with a large amount of data.

🧾 Auto-Close Mechanism for Bills - Enhanced integration with payment hardware for seamless transaction closures.

🧾 Auto-Closing Bills with Partial Payments - Refined the finalisation process for bills with hardware payments, ensuring reliability even with network or machine disruptions. This process now handles partial payments with automatic closure and receipt printing after all transactions succeed.


🔧 Partial Refund Quantities - Addressed an issue where partial refunds with discounts could mistakenly exceed the maximum refundable items.

🔧 Xero Rounding - Improved the rounding mechanism in our Xero integration to correct minor discrepancies.

Version 3.1.1.i

22 March, 2024

New Features

📈 Product Report - Celery now offers options to generate Product reports aggregated by Menu Sections, Items, Variants, or by unique POSID.


🧾 Fiscal Receipt Enhancements - Updated to print VAT rates at the line item level & improved modifier display to include unit price & VAT rate.

🗑️ Removing Multiple Items - Staff can now remove multiple selected items from the cart as a single action.

💸 Discounting Multiple Items - Similarly, staff can apply discounts to multiple selected items in the cart at once.

🔒 Closing Bill - Enhanced bill finalisation flow to detect successful transactions and automatically close and print fiscal receipts.

🖨️ Kitchen Order Ticket Fonts - Extended variable font sizes to include modifiers for clearer communication.

💳 Payment Methods - Standardised labeling of Cash & Card payment methods across platforms and ensured legacy payments are accurately translated.


🔧 Swipe Gesture - Resolved a problem with the swipe gesture lock on items already sent to the kitchen.

🔧 Advanced Report Export - Fixed an issue where empty data tables were causing export malfunctions.

🔧 Modifier Lists on Kitchen Order Tickets - Addressed an issue where empty modifier lists were printing their titles unnecessarily.

Version 3.1.0

Big Update

8 March, 2024

New Features

🚀 CeleryHQ V3.1 is LIVE  - Our latest app version, incorporating recent updates and native enhancements, is out of BETA & available to all our users.

🤖 Cashmatic Integration - Full integration of Cashmatic machines, including back office setup and POS flow integration.

🔄 Refund Handling by Celery Integrations - Ensuring all integrations are now equipped to manage refund orders within each provider's context.


📧 Enhanced Reservation Acceptance via Email - Upgraded tools for accepting new reservations on the go, including an improved floor plan component for optimal mobile display.

💳 Partial Payments Display - Enhanced display of Pre-Bill and Fiscal receipts to clearly show any partial payments applied to orders.

📊 Advanced Reports Enhancement - Upgraded reporting to better distinguish between Menu items and modifiers, addressing POSIDs and the elimination of ASCI characters for compatibility with Windows Excel.

Bug Fixes

🔧 Swipe Gesture for Item Quantity - Fixed an issue where swiping to change item quantity was not functioning correctly for items with multiple instances in the cart.


1 March, 2024

New Features

📧 Reservations Email Notifications - Restaurants can now customise automatic email notifications sent to guests. 

⚙️ Reservation Rule Builder - Introduced a new & intuitive UX for navigating the comprehensive new reservations settings and tools.

📝 Dining Experience Review - New functionality for restaurants to solicit guest feedback via their preferred review platforms, enhancing reputation management.


🎨 Reservations Email Design - Refreshed Celery email templates with improved design & clearer data presentation.

💳 Refunds in all Celery Integrations - Comprehensive updates across all integrations to ensure accurate handling of refunds for each provider.

🌐 Online Ordering Website UX - Enhanced mobile responsiveness of the Celery Web ordering platform.

Version 3.0.9.v

23 February, 2024

New Features

📅 Diary V2 - Updated the Reservation Diary with a cleaner interface to view and filter bookings. 


👆 Enhanced Swipe Gestures - Improved swipe gesture responsiveness for a smoother user experience. 

🚫 Out-of-stock Items Handling - POS now directs users to edit item quantities directly when stock updates are needed. 

💸 Delivery Order Refunds - Added functionality for refunding delivery orders, inclusive of delivery fees and discounts, from both in-house and aggregator platforms.

📈 Refunds in Reports - Reporting modules have been updated to account for refunds, offering insights into both sales and actual takings.

🔄 Retrigger Production Report - Enhanced the reports download page to allow users to retrigger and resend daily production reports.

📊 Production Report Customisation - Users can now customize their production report subscriptions for more relevant data insights.

Bug Fixes

🔧 Updating Stock from POS - Resolved an issue with delayed socket updates when adjusting out-of-stock item quantities.

Version 3.0.9.iv

16 February, 2024

New Features

🚀 Refunds - Look up any order from your records directly from CeleryHQ app. Easily reprint or refund historic orders from periods that have already been closed.

📱 Tablet friendly Menu Editor - Edit your menu directly from your restaurant iPad.


🖨️ Fiscal Receipts - Fiscal receipts can now display the number of covers, and the singular cost of items with multiple quantities.

🧾 Xero Integration - Added the flexibility to choose whether end-of-day sales reports are posted to Xero as "Drafts & Unpaid" or immediately "Authorised & Paid"

Bug Fixes

🔧 Menu Item Modifiers - Resolved an issue where certain text fields were losing focus when inputting new characters.

🔧 Menu Builder  - Resolved a permission issue where some users weere not allowed to access the menu builder. 

Version 3.0.9.iii

2 February, 2024

New Features

🚀 Punch Clock - Comprehensive clocking, labor tracking, and reporting capabilities are now available for #WorkforceManagement.

🚀 Expo SDK 49 - Our development environment now leverages Expo SDK 49, enhancing our toolset and overall app performance.

🏠 Customisable Home Screen - The CeleryHQ App home page has been redesigned for a more elegant experience with 3 modes: Data, Privacy, & Simple.

📱 Remote Assistance - Enhanced CeleryHQ App with features to help #TeamCelery effortlessly assist clients remotely. 

📱 Mobile-Friendly Back Office - Enhanced mobile responsiveness for critical back-office functions, ensuring seamless management on the go.


📈 Stock Production Enhancements - Advanced Settings in the Inventory module have been improved for better stock production management.

🏷️ Report Labelling Consistency - Unified naming conventions for email and generated reports across the platform.

🖨️ Printer Pulse - Improved thermal printer integration & network connectivity intelligence for a more reliable printing experience.

🧾 Sage Integration - Enhanced to handle Sage accounts that have no Tax types set up yet. 

Bug Fixes

🔧 Stock Production / Menu Item Creation - Resolved a situation where non-tracked items were sometimes incorrectly marked as “Edited Today”.

Version 3.0.9.ii

26 January, 2024

New Features

🧾 Fiscal Receipts Compliance - Receipts now distinguish between 'FISCAL' and 'NON-FISCAL' as per new legal standards.

🍲 Stock Production Management - Introducing stock production requirements management for outlets. Set Par Quantities for each day and enable daily reports for your production manager.

🖨️ Receipt Printer Support - Enhanced integration to support various printer models, formats, and styling options.

🎨 Printer Fonts & Styling  - Tailor the appearance of your kitchen tickets with layout options and font sizes.

💱 Multi-Currency Support - Flexibility to set the currency symbol from Admin Settings.


🔀 Modifier Lists - Improved UX by enabling drag-and-drop rearrangement.

🧾 Tracking Receipt Copies  - Fiscal receipt reprints are now tracked and appropriately labelled to avoid abuse.

🎫 Vouchers & Rewards Alignment - Harmonised Vouchers, Rewards, and Discounted pricing across CeleryPOS and CeleryORDERS (Online Ordering) platforms for a more consistent experience.


Bug Fixes

🔧 Advanced Reports - Corrected Euro symbol rendering issue on Windows machines.

🔧 Wolt Sync - Fixed an issue with the 'Fulfill' button not showing for specific outlet setups.

🔧 Printer Bindings - Resolved an issue where editing menu items from the POS cart wasn't properly updating the printer binding

Version 3.0.9

19 January, 2024

New Features

📋 Menu Items - Enhanced Assignment of Menu Items to their Outlets directly from each menu item.

📋 Menu Items - Incorporated the 'Accounting' tab into a drop-down menu directly into the "General' tab.

🔢 Kitchen Ticket Customisation - Introducing customizable elements for Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) designs.

🔢 Kitchen Ticket Grouping - New option to group identical items or list them separately.

⏱️ Pre-Bill Events - Requesting a pre-bill is now being time-stamped, & indicated on the POS to help the staff visualise which tables need to be tended to. 


⌛ POS Activity - Certain Table Actions now display the elapsed number of minutes instead of the time.

🍴 Outlet Menus - Automated item assignments for single outlet, non-online ordering setups.

☆ Default Variants & Modifiers - Made it possible to set default variants & modifiers for faster bill creation.

🎟️ Vouchers & Rewards - Unified the logic and user experience for vouchers, rewards, and discounts.

🔄 Modifier Lists - Enhanced flexibility for reorganizing Modifiers in a List.


Bug Fixes

🔧 Delivery Time in E-Receipt - Corrected time formatting for specific delivery methods.

🔧 Duplicating Menu Items - Resolved issue with 'Save and Duplicate' function not copying all changes correctly.

🔧 Menu Item Discounted Prices - Fixed a UI issue affecting the display of discounted prices in certain scenarios.

Version 3.0.8.ii

12 January, 2024

New Features

🔄 'Void & Recreate' for Direct Sales - Allow team members with the permission to correct mistakes on finalised Direct Sales with just a few clicks


🖥️ Back Office Enhancements - More intuitive UI/UX around permissions management.

🧾 POS - Clearer indication of which Voucher or Reward is being scanned from the pos when facing customers.

📈 Improved Report Generation - Extended pagination and multithreading to all reports.

📊 Enhanced Quick Look - Now displays Sales before discounts, with upgraded UI for clearer revenue annotation.

⚙️ Automated End of Day Jobs - Optimised job synchronisation and logging for efficiency.


Bug Fixes

🔧 Team Permissions -  Switch component now updating in real time as team permissions change.

🔧 Automated Reports - Resolved crashes from large automatically generated monthly reports.

🔧 Courier Collection Point - Fixed an issue with certain courier collection details being restricted.

Version 3.0.8

Big Update

05 January, 2024


🥳 2023 Wrap Up   Check it out →

New Features

🌐 Wolt Drive - Extended functionality for cash delivery, ID card presentation, and automatic driver updates.

📍 Advanced Geofencing for Delivery Zones - Precision and efficiency in defining delivery areas.

🔕 Online Orders - Added functionality to snooze delivery zones till the next day.

🧾 Fiscal Receipt Customisation - Enhanced print options for fiscal receipt details.

🧾 Detailed Z Report Option - Include total Pax & Tables served, Discounts & Sales Breakdowns.

💌 Receipt Promo Footnote - Extended options for custom texts and QR codes.

🎁 Vouchers & Rewards - Are now able to factor delivery fees.


🧾 POS Enhancements - Clearer indicators for split bills and streamlined bill processing.

🖥️ Back Office Terminal Settings - Improved UI/UX for creation and editing.

📈 Advanced Reporting - Introduced pagination and background report generation for larger reports.

📈 Quick Reports - Added Payment Methods and other order details for granular searching.

🔄 External Orders Sync - Implemented External Queue system for better synchronisation with external APIs.

🔒 Security Enhancements - Centralised pin-in logic for improved security.

Bug Fixes

🔧 Quick Reporting - Fixed data fetching issue for certain page visits.

🔧 Advanced Reporting - Resolved memory exception for large date range searches.

🔧 Online Orders - Fixed loyalty points adjustment being re-calculated when payment method was changed.

🔧 Online Orders - Fixed an issue where rejecting a Completed online order would still appear in both Completed and Rejected sections.

🔧 POS - Corrected 'send as e-receipt' input field anomaly.



🏨 Amadeus Integration - New option to exclude Room charges from revenue centres.

📊 Xero - Resolved customer creation issue related to special characters.

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