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Only Celery can let you analyse data across POS, Inventory, Table Reservations, Online Ordering, and Loyalty - All in ONE place. Dive into detailed reports, gain actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward. It's more than reports; it's the roadmap to your business growth.

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Unique Customer Insights

Track Every Step of the Guest Experience

Celery's ecosystem & advanced data tracking provides unique insights into your customers' journey, from revenue & product usage to table reservations, walk-ins, direct online orders and Wolt interactions. This uniquely comprehensive view helps you fine tune your service for growth with peace of mind.

Own Your Customer Data

Valuable Insights are Your Right

Understand your data to make informed decisions that will save your operation money from waste, theft, unprofitable acquisition channels while identifying new growth opportunities. 


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Deep Product Analytics

Understand What Sells Best, to Whom

Dive deep into your product performance with analytics focused on revenue and quantity. Understand customer preferences and adjust your menu for maximised profits and reduced waste. It's data-driven decision-making, simplified.

Inventory Analytics

Unified Stock Across Platforms and Outlets

Synchronise your food inventory seamlessly across dine-in services, digital menus, and Wolt sales. This unified approach prevents double booking, overpromising and stock shortages, ensuring you always deliver on customer expectations while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Enhance guest experiences with a more personalized service

Easy Reporting

Custom Reports Delivered Automatically

CeleryInsights automates the process of report generation and distribution. Tailored email digests can be scheduled to be sent directly to business owners, purchasing teams, or audit firms. This feature ensures that key stakeholders receive relevant, up-to-date insights regularly, aiding in timely decision-making and strategic planning.

Bespoke Reporting Solutions

Tailor-Made Insights for Your Unique Needs

Understanding that every business has unique reporting needs, CeleryInsights offers advanced custom report creation. We collaborate with you to develop bespoke reports, providing critical insights tailored specifically for your business or franchise owner's requirements, ensuring that you have all the data you need to drive success.


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Group Level Dashboards

Comprehensive View Across All Outlets

CeleryInsights provides multi-outlet dashboards designed for performance analysis at a glance. This feature allows franchise owners to monitor and compare performance metrics across different locations. It's an invaluable tool for identifying trends, benchmarking success, and making data-driven decisions to enhance overall franchise performance.

The multi-outlet dashboards in CeleryInsights bring a new level of oversight and control to franchise operations. With the ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, customer footfall, and average transaction values across all locations, franchise owners gain a holistic understanding of their business. This comprehensive data visualization aids in pinpointing areas for improvement, recognizing high-performing outlets, and strategically allocating resources where they are needed most.

Moreover, these dashboards are customizable to fit the unique needs of each franchise. Whether focusing on day-to-day operations, long-term strategic planning, or comparing seasonal variations, the dashboards adapt to provide relevant insights. By consolidating data from every outlet into a single, user-friendly interface, CeleryInsights not only saves time but also transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth within the franchise network.

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