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Optimise your Digital Ordering process for Millennials & Gen-Z with a white-labelled Digital Menu designed to engage customers. A branded experience creates a bond with your guest, simplifies service for your staff, & collects valuable data.

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Commission-Free Sales

Keep 100% of Your Earnings

Food Aggregators are just a fact of life for most Brands (big or small) but giving away 20-30% per order doesn't have to be the only way. Every CeleryORDERS sale is yours, as we make sure your hard-earned profits stay in your pocket, offering a cost-effective solution to boost your bottom line.

Mobile Optimised Digital Menu

Sell from your own Site & Mobile App

Your repeat customers would prefer to support their favourite brands directly for better prices and 

rewards. CeleryORDERS provides your customers with an effortless browsing experience, enhancing their engagement with your brand, whether they're ordering in-house or on the go.



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Table Ordering System

Deliver Pre-Paid Orders to Table

The QR table ordering allows guests to conveniently explore specials, learn about deals, Order&Pay from the comfort of their mobile device, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall dining experience. This feature can also eliminate Dine&Dash during high traffic times.

Ordering to Takeaway

Schedule Pre-Paid Orders for Collection

CeleryORDERS organises your scheduled pickup services with pre-payments, greater order accuracy, and enhanced customer convenience. Swift & satisfactory collection experiences, can encourage repeat business from regulars in a rush.



Amadeus PMS integration
MEWS PMS integration
XERO accounting integration
SAGE accounting integration
Freshly Baked Donuts

Easy to Update Digital Menu

Keep Your Menu Fresh in Real Time

Create, schedule & refresh Menu Sections, Items, & Modifiers with ease across any number of physical locations & online outlets with CeleryORDERS. Add the images Prices & everything in between across all your outlets & online stores.

Consistent Across Outlets

Perfect for keeping every location in sync

CeleryORDERS simplifies menu management so much that managing 10 completely different menus is still a breeze for chains and franchises. Update menus, adjust pricing & shift stock across multiple outlets with ease, ensuring brand consistency and operational efficiency.

Happy Cafe Workers


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Wolt partners
marketman inventory integration
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Order Management System

Roll up all orders - 
Direct, Bolt & Wolt

Manage every aspect of ordering with CeleryORDERS and combine Wolt, Website, & Walk-Ins all in one place A single system for deliveries, collections & direct sales allows your team to focus, and gives HQ the most complete picture possible with the process and customer data being collected.

Adaptable Fees for Peak Times

Apply Restrictions or Incentives to Meet Demand

Adapt equally to the quiet times as to the rush hours with CeleryORDERS. Implement time-based delivery fees, reducing charges during off-peak times and increasing during high demand, balancing customer attraction and profitability.


Deliver convenience. Providing flexibility for every payment scenario.

Own Your Customer Data

Successful Restaurant Owner

Empower Your Business with Valuable Insights

With CeleryORDERS, you're not just making sales, you're gaining insights. Enjoy 0% commission on direct orders and access the richest customer data that food platforms don't provide. Understand your customers better and make decisions that keep them coming back.

In-Depth Cost Analysis

Keep an Eye on Your Bottom Line

Gain insight into your production costs with CeleryORDERS. Track the expenses associated with each menu item, helping you make informed decisions about pricing and menu design for optimized profitability.

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No platform tax. No commissions. No cover charges. Just Value.

Simple Pricing

Whether you're looking for POS, Table Reservations, white-labelled online ordering, or all of the above - Unlock endless possibilities without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to unbeatable value tailored for your Hospitality business. No tricks, no risk, no-brainer.

EUR 97

per month

30 day free trial

Unlimited Orders

White Labelled

0% Commission

Integrated with POS

Advanced Reporting

Delivery Management

Serious Staff Permissions

Loyalty Wallet & Rewards

CRM Engagement Tools

Wolt Food Delivery Service

Add Phone Support

Operating 3 or more outlets? Combining multiple Celery modules? 

Contact Us for group pricing.


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