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A cloud Reservation Diary transforms how you manage table bookings & sun bed reservations, offering a dynamic and intuitive system that adapts to your business needs, maximising efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Realtime Tables 24/7

Maximise Your Seating Efficiency

View and manage table availability in real-time. CeleryTABLES allows you to optimize your seating arrangements, reduce wait times, and ensure guests are always accommodated efficiently.

Bookings with Deposits

Minimise No-Shows, Fortify Your Revenue

Enforce deposit requirements and cancellation policies, safeguarding against the unpredictability of no-shows. CeleryTABLES not only secures your earnings but also streamlines the booking experience, to optimise your seating arrangements, reduce wait times, ensuring every table’s potential is maximised.


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Instant Email Updates

Keep Your Guests Informed

Automatically send reservation status updates via email. This feature keeps your guests informed about their booking status, enhancing communication and guest satisfaction.

SMS Reliability

Direct and Immediate Notifications

Upgrade your guest communication with SMS notifications. Instant, direct, and effective, SMS updates ensure your guests are always in the loop.


Amadeus PMS integration
MEWS PMS integration
XERO accounting integration
SAGE accounting integration

Booking Widget iFrame

Seamless Integration with any Website

Incorporate CeleryTABLES directly onto your website with our client-facing booking widget. It’s easy, intuitive, and keeps the reservation process within your branded environment.

Reservations with Google

Expand Your Online Presence with Google

Connect CeleryTABLES with Google to accept reservations directly from Google Search and Maps. Increase your visibility and make it easier for new customers to discover and book your venue.

Enhance guest experiences with a more personalized service

Interactive Floorplan

Less Guest Waiting with Streamlined Seating

Manage your seating with a visual floor-plan. This tool allows you to maximise your space, tailor seating arrangements per reservation, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Flexible Seating Options

Manual or Smart Seating Settings

Choose between more fine grained control or less work with CeleryTABLES's SmartSeating with automated allocation for your reservations. Tailor guest experiences or let our system optimise your seating for efficiency and guest flow every step of the way.

Deliver convenience. Providing flexibility for every payment scenario.

Scheduled Layouts & Menus

Adapt Your Space to Fit Every Occasion

Seated Brunch spot in the morning, and standing Night Club after hours? Schedule different floor area layouts to suit various events and times. This feature allows you to seamlessly transition your space from a lunch setup to a dinner arrangement or special events.

Guest Phone Verification

Ensure Authentic Reservations

Enhance booking integrity with phone verification. This feature adds an extra layer of security, preventing fraudulent bookings and safeguarding your reservation system.


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Consolidated Booking Management

Streamline Reservations Across All Locations

CeleryTABLES offers a centralized reservation system perfect for multi-outlet franchises. It allows for streamlined booking management across various locations, enabling uniformity in reservation handling. This feature ensures that each outlet adheres to the same high standards of customer service and efficiency.

Comparable Outlet Data

Ensure Consistent Customer Experience

With CeleryTABLES, multi-outlet franchises can deliver a consistent guest experience at every location. The system's uniform interface and functionality mean that staff training and customer interaction are standardised, leading to a reliable and predictable service quality that guests can expect at any of your outlets.

No platform tax. No commissions. No cover charges. Just Value.

Simple Pricing

Whether you're looking for POS, Table Reservations, white-labelled online ordering, or all of the above - Unlock endless possibilities without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to unbeatable value tailored for your Hospitality business. No tricks, no risk, no-brainer.

EUR 87

per month

30 day free trial

Unlimited Reservations

No Cover Charge

0% Commission

Website widget

Reserve with Google

Realtime Res Diary

Gift vouchers & deposits

Email notifications

SMS notifications

Payments & Deposits

Add Phone Support

Operating 3 or more outlets? Combining multiple Celery modules? 

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