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Cultivate lasting relationships and repeat business with a Branded Loyalty Program. From personalised promotions and on-the-day deals to rewarding loyalty unlocks tailored to your online or in-store needs. CeleryENGAGE is your no limits marketing toolkit for building a data-driven dedicated fanbase.

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Powerful Promotions


Reward Guests to 
Spend More

Easily set up loyalty points, seasonal specials, daily deals & scheduled offers on your digital menu.


From Happy-Hour to Taco-Tuesday, CeleryENGAGE lets you create the right engagement for your audience & keep your guests coming back for what they love with compelling offers that are a breeze to set up & manage.

Effective & Enticing Efforts

Draw Customers with Data-Driven Offers

CeleryENGAGE makes it easy to create and manage discounts and special offers within your digital menu.


Whether it's a limited-time promotion or a standing discount, captivate your customers with irresistible data-driven deals you know they love.

Accounting Tasks


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Rewarding Points System

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Encourage Repeats with Reward Points

CeleryENGAGE lets you reward customers for every purchase and achievement whether that's online or in-store.


Build customer loyalty by offering points that can be redeemed for discounts or special items, turning every transaction into a step towards another visit.

Employee Discount Codes

Corporate Offers
For Your Neighbours

With a few clicks, you can create customisable coupon codes for VIPs, influencers, neighbouring businesses, or referral partners like hotel concierges.

Easily track redemptions, sales, and profitability by Source with Referral Reports that make it easy to understand campaign effectiveness or calculate commission payouts. 

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XERO accounting integration
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Loyalty cards of the future

Paying Customer

Consistent with Digital Convenience

CeleryENGAGE improves on the classic punch card for the digital age. Replace expensive and inconvenient cardboard clutter with a modern, hassle-free approach that's rich with data.

Customer Segmentation

Data-Driven & Targeted Marketing

Segmentation tools to target specific customer groups. Whether it's re-engaging those who haven't visited in a while or rewarding top spenders, our segmentation ensures your marketing hits the mark.

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Enhance guest experiences with a more personalized service

Direct Customer Messaging


Engage Customers with Personalised Notifications

Targeted push notifications allow you to reach out to customers directly. Send personalised messages about new offers, reminders, and updates, ensuring your customers feel valued and connected.

Versatile Promotional Tools

Unlimited Promotional Possibilities

Imagine it, and CeleryENGAGE can make it happen. From specific item discounts to time-bound offers, create any 3for2 deals or Wednesday Lunch Specials of Burritos to attract and delight the right type of customer. Flexibility allows for creative marketing that keeps guests coming back for more.

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Unified Campaigns Across Outlets


Synchronised Marketing, Amplified Message

For multi-outlet franchises, consistency is key. Launch unified promotional activities, ensure brand messaging is consistent, and analyze performance data from a single dashboard. This cohesion not only strengthens brand identity but also streamlines efforts, saving time and resources while maximising impact.

Tailored Experiences. Collective Data

Blend Local Relevance with Global Strategy

CeleryENGAGE empowers franchises to tailor marketing efforts to local tastes while leveraging insights from the entire network. Customize offers and messages for specific outlets based on local preferences and trends, all while drawing on data and successful strategies from the global franchise. This approach ensures that marketing efforts are not only locally relevant but also informed by broader, proven strategies, creating a perfect blend of global wisdom and local appeal.

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No platform tax. No commissions. No cover charges. Just Value.

Simple Pricing

Whether you're looking for POS, Table Reservations, white-labelled online ordering, or all of the above - Unlock endless possibilities without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to unbeatable value tailored for your Hospitality business. No tricks, no risk, no-brainer.

EUR 97

per month

Included with CeleryORDERS

Unlimited Contacts & Deals

White Labelled Website

0% Commission

Integrated with POS

Advanced Reporting

Filters & Targeted Campaigns

Serious Staff Permissions

Loyalty Wallet & Rewards

CRM Engagement Tools

Mobile App Notifications

Add Phone Support

Operating 3 or more outlets? Combining multiple Celery modules? 

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